The Titan Grinder series is developed for the grinding of fresh and frozen products where high demands of performance, reliability and hygiene are set. With a robust frame and a very strong power transmission, the Titan grinder takes care of all your grinding problems. Manufactured in both stainless- and carbon steel. Used for example by Feed kitchens, Slaughterhouses, Biogas plants, Composting plants and Recycling plants.​

Grinder Mikro Titan​P-10/20011550560​11601050​1-3 t/h
Grinder Tarm Mini​P-50502260065024006503-5 t/h
Grinder Mini TitanP-100/25030107078015001100​5-8 t/h
Grinder Super Titan​P-1400/450753800110027001600​10-20 t/h
Grinder Super Titan​P-1600/450904300110030001600​10-30 t/h