The Titan breaker series are 1- axle breakers made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Manufactured for processing both fresh and frozen material where high demands of performance, reliability and hygiene are set. With a robust frame and a very strong power transmission, the Titan breaker is a guaranteed winner.


The Titan series Twin Shaft Breaker is the right choice for those who need maximum performance for processing maximum performance for processing frozen material. It crushes pallets up to 1000 mm x 1000 x 1500 mm. The perfect machine for a big producer.




  • Crushes complete pallets
  • Large feed inlet
  • Large capacity


Used for example by Feed kitchens, Slaughterhouses, Pet food plants, Biogas plants, Composting plants and Recycling plants.
Breaker P-4240, Raw Material Intake 1,5m​P-424055-9090001520+120022703700​15-30 t/h
Breaker P-4250, ​Raw Material Intake 2m​P-425090100001520+120022704200​15-40 t/h
Twin Shaft Breaker P-4260, Raw Material Intake 2 x 2,2 mP-42602 x 75-90140001520+120025905840​up to 100 t/h